Social Media Marketing for Dealerships

Social Elite

This is no longer a world where social media is just a platform to communicate with friends or family and update your status.

These are now platforms that allow for consumers to interact with businesses and vice versa. Additionally, with many users accessing their accounts on a mobile device, the implementation of automotive social media marketing within a dealership’s walls is invaluable. Automotive Social Media Marketing and management goes beyond just posting content and simply hoping that people will like it. ZMOT Auto does not believe in hope when it comes to marketing strategies, but rather concrete data and research.

The question is “what does it take for an automotive social media campaign to be successful?” Successful social media marketing campaigns identify who your targeted audiences through are within your territory and help by building purposeful relationships online. Facebook, for example, has the tools to find the right target audiences using various demographics, interests, behaviors, and location. This allows for ZMOT to pinpoint the potential buyers that are relevant to your business.

We strengthen these relationships by finding and targeting automotive buyers, creating and posting relevant content, engaging in genuine conversations, monitoring for daily activity and reviews, and reporting online activity.

We also build into your campaigns both brand awareness (aka familiarity, likeability, and trust) and direct action (aka a click to your website or phone call leading directly to a sale). We also scale your social media campaigns by reaching hundreds of thousands of locally targeted car buyers per day with social advertising. Our dealerships get the best performing ads in the industry with ZMOT—their dedicated, seasoned social advertising team.

Develop, engage, and expand your social
marketing reach.

Your buyers are spending hours per day on their social media channels, and without properly optimized channels and campaigns, you’re missing out on letting them know
about your dealership and immediately available inventory. Furthermore, If you don’t understand how to create local content and target qualified traffic to your site, you may
not see a return in value.