Search Engine Marketing for Automotive


Automotive PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is critical to capturing in-market buyers at the moment they are considering a purchase (The Zero Moment of Truth).

Many marketing agencies will try to sell you
on more “leads”.

Unfortunately, if these “leads” are not specifically looking for what you can provide them right now, you are throwing advertising money away. We bring your dealership and inventory to the top of search results by using advanced search engine marketing strategies. We account for the
type of vehicle your buyer is searching for, their location
and related past online behavior.

Our method of PPC focuses on strong branded marketing featuring the vehicles that have the highest priority for your dealership.

We have the ability to combine this Targeted Marketing (TM) approach with a Long-Tail (LT) inventory-based method. This helps ensure that you have representation on all vehicles to meet any relevant shopper demand. We match these in-market buyers’ search queries with the right messaging utilizing automotive PPC. This allows us to deliver in-market buyers with strong purchase intent from search engine results pages directly to your dealership website. This has an immediate effect of an increased direct actions such as calls, chats and form fills to your dealership CRM.

Automotive PPC can be expensive and difficult to keep track of if there is no focus. ZMOT Auto looks at your inventory of new models and considers your top priorities.

This could include specific units, lease and finance specials or simply the cars you need to move as soon as possible. When properly focused and aligned with our other ZMOT Auto channels, dealership websites are able to generate more calls, chats and form fills to increase contact-to-sold velocity.

Many agencies exist that claim expertise on Pay Per Click advertising. While those companies might have a lot of experience driving leads on dealership websites, often times these leads are not attributable to vehicle sales. Typically, a very specific and targeted approach to PPC is not utilized, resulting in money wasted on generic ads that don’t highlight a dealerships best offers. ZMOT Auto has several years’ experience in PPC management and has developed its approach to search engine marketing based off of successful strategies for increased direct actions that result in actual vehicle sales!

Our approach to SEM is proven to not only increase key website performance metrics, but both online and offline conversions. For example we have proven strategies to supporting Blitz Campaigns, Spanish Markets, and Service Marketing, in addition to customized tactics on a store-by-store basis.

We also handle special PPC requests. Want to run a service campaign? We have you covered. Need to move used inventory? We can help with that. If you want the best customers that are ready to buy a new vehicle, look no further than ZMOT Auto’s automotive PPC strategy! We do our best to make sure that only the most targeted, zero-moment-of-truth shoppers arrive on your site. Contact us today to discuss your dealership’s needs and ensure you are running with the most optimized Pay Per Click strategy for your inventory.